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Thread: How do they make all this poe?

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    How do they make all this poe?

    How do all these people make so much poe so quickly, just by pure luck or rigging poker tables on a weekly basis?

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    It's usually neither, I can name 5 different methods to easily make poe without having to poker or "luck".. Poker is good money, but not even close to the best.

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    Dont be greedy. Share your secrets

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    I'm not going to simply tell you how to make good money, However i will give a few "Hints" that with a little bit of common sense should make a large profit.

    1. Check island bid prices, There are 2 certain islands that you can profit an extreme amount and quick from usually. This is just a easy 100% guaranteed profit, not the most profitable and fast method though.
    2. There's 3 OM owned islands that buy a certain "Material" For an extreme price that people overlook, You may find moving it from large islands to OM islands brings a good bit of profit.
    3. Cit running, Believe it or not, it's not all luck or skill. There's actually a strong method to predict the moves of the atlantean creatures and can bring a large profit and gain rep if done properly.
    4. Blockade Jc - believe it or not there are a few flags that pay for a blockade Jc, this is the person that does the jobbing and ship calling for them. It relieves stress off the larger flags and often times they'll pay a strong 100-150k Per round, which is a good amount.
    5. Sometimes you may find that the Palace shoppe holds a gold mine.. Check it carefully and it may blow your mind. (Vague clue, yes i know)
    6. Merchanting, i have price guides written up for every ship/fam on emerald/meridian, And i can easily make 5m a day if i tried there are certain fams/ships that don't sell well etc and it may take a bit of practice but it's a huge gold mine..

    Remember, there are better methods that I won't reveal but hopefully this helps.
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    You're lucky to even get that outta him haha.

    I'd recommend looking at the guide section, theres a few on there. You can easily make 100k+ From SMH's and with some luck, it can range up to the mil markers just from one drop, although this is a rare occurrence, I try to do at least one CiT run a day, due to the fact this can easily net you 1mil + a week with the right crew and performance.
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