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Thread: Is it safe to buy poe?

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    Is it safe to buy poe?

    I always thought it was highly dangerous to buy large amounts of poe, however I see people selling mills at a time. Can someone explain how?

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    It is mostly done over Carousing games or Sword fighting in parts at a time... but even at that its not 100% safe

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    I think the safest way is to do it through poker.

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    only safe if you make it safe for your self RAGE ^^^ is good man never have i been stolen from and multiple mills bought through his middleman service. other than that only safe way delivering the poe is poker forsure i have recieved many ways without ban for purchasing or selling but full proof way is poker for many reasons. if you have any questions i may be able to point you in the direction of trusted buyers but at the same time using RAGE is gonna make you more satisfied at end regardless its worth the middleman fee for no hastle. send me your skype if you need some help ill help to best of my ability and have many sellers i have learned to trust and met many scammers and been scammed hundreds im a good example of a test dummy in other words except have lost more cash than a test dummy =/. happy buying ^_^
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    I suspected that the OM won't be that free to sneak around everyone's transaction record, especially when you can usually transfer your own poe to your own alt; its only when transactions went bad when someone attempt to steal things (scam) that when you report them you get ban, hopefully so will every account associate with their ip and machine. Should there be a scammer maybe its better to just leave a record in the game of the transaction? This could make people less willing to scam maybe (doubt it but at least you won't lose poes for nothing?)

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