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    Marclan - suspicious

    I've done buisness with him before, nothing to worry about but i went about buying poe from him today and he was acting completely different he would not message me on here, he had me message him for verifcation and when i asked him to reply he wouldnt do it, and he kept insisting on full payment and we've done half and half before and he claimed he logged on to verify i sent him a message and he hasnt been logged on in 3 weeks from the time i post this, i know for a fact its his skype as liek i said i've bought from him before and i scroll through chat history to make sure i have, he claims hes 123poe123 on buy poe watch out for this paypal and his skype is poes_r_us jus a forwarning be careful

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    i'm not this guy, its just some someone trying to scam you pretending it's me. it has been happening a lot lately even with people pretending to be mm's
    sorry about not replying your PM, i wasn't on bs for a while cause i've been busy

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