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    Cool Buying Poe Maybe bots

    Ok soo ive goten a nice amount of money atm, and Im unsure what I want to do, I want to continue doing VIP or buy a bot for once, in that case I dunno which one i want to buy.... or ones for that matter:P

    now wood for thought looks sexy but do i get the count? even tho its not in dev still? I just found it sexy <_<

    any suggestions?

    And I want poe:P prefferibly a nice amount Who wants to do the honour?

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    Option 1:
    Buy poe, win at poker, sell poe, buy bot.

    Option 2:
    Buy bots, "earn" poe, sell poe, "earn" more poe.

    You have bots and your money either way.

    Option 3:
    Do nothing and complain
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    Hahahaha:P well I was thinking of doing both! Buy poe poker for the gigglez, and probably waste some more money on more poe :P but I need a seller, and I need guidanse to buy some bots:P cuz I want bots but idk which

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    Here's an idea: use that money to move to a beach.

    What I would do:
    1.) Buy a (one) bot, just to see if you like that path. If not, you're 35 bucks in the hole, but still have something that can be quite useful.

    2a.) If you don't like it, buy PoE and poker for shits and giggles.

    2b.) If you do like bots, then buy PoE, poker for profit, sell PoE, buy moar bots!

    3.) Use that money right! See below :

    (Note: I do not advocate illegal substances. Follow my steps at your own risk.)
    Keep running,

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    IM Still looking for a couple of mills no one selling?

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