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    Selling Poe! $35/M [Paypal or eBay for 100% safe]

    Hi there im Nathan.

    Personal information:

    Name: Nathan
    Age: 15
    Business skills and strategy's: Worked with several buying and selling companies to do with games over the years and wanting to become quite well known on this site as I've taken quite an interest into puzzle pirates.

    Contact information:

    Skype: Nathan.Taylor221
    And of course over here via PM/Replying to this forum

    Payment methods:

    PayPal, Of course i shall not being going first.
    eBay, Will have to pay extra do to high amounts of fee's which will come out of the listing but the price pays off as you are 100% protected by eBay.

    At the moment that's it for payment methods as i don't personally play runescape and therefore cannot accept gold as a payment method for now.

    Scared of being scammed?

    I do accept middleman as long as they are trusted from the site either rage or others that are known.
    And if you are still scared i can do $4/100k for a first time trade to check if i am legit or not.

    I can also do 1/2 or 1/4 where you pay for the poe in separate parts, to ensure your maximum security.

    After you reading that i don't expect you to instantly fall in love with me and be the most trustworthy guy on the site but i am trying to hopefully get to a high enough position of trustworthiness to be trusted by all, thank you.

    Thanks for reading


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    10m stock

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