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Thread: Almost SCAMMED

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    Almost SCAMMED

    Today I was almost scammed by someone with the skype name florentas10 (bitemyshinymetalass).
    He wanted to buy 3m from me, when I told him I will not go first under any circumstances he asked if i could used the well known MM, rage.
    However this was not actually rage, as his skype was ragegrifith. this was 1 F. I asked for a link to rages' thread and his skype has 2 F's.
    This made me suspicious so I asked this person posing as rage to send me an inbox on Bot-supply.
    Immediately after this both of these people removed me from our joint skype convo and both of them blocked me.

    These people are clearly scammers so avoid them at all costs!
    Unfortunately I was unable to get either of their real BS names.

    I can give skype logs if any mods are interested.

    Just a reminder to everyone out there: scammers are everywhere! BE CAREFUL!
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    thanks for the tip

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    This has been around for a while.
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    Skype: BS.Incognito

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    At least someone is smart enough to not get scammed >.>

    Tires me to see young traders get caught out by scammers :/
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