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Thread: Weight's PoE Shop

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    Weight's PoE Shop

    Weight's PoE Shop

    Update - 10M Stock on Emerald!

    (Selling mainly Emerald unless you take transfer loss)

    How much do we have right now? (3/14/16)

    Meridian - 0M

    Emerald - 10M

    Prices : $30/M or $3.5/100K ($25/M if you purchase 3M+)

    Skype: weight.train <--- One and only skype

    - I dont go first
    - Narrow experience in poker is a MUST
    - This is also my vouch thread (+50 Vouchs)


    Quote Originally Posted by Seran View Post
    Very satisfying purchase - overall the experience was fun, fast, and the seller is very easy to work with. Definitely the best choice for the least amount of the risk.
    Quote Originally Posted by Neptar View Post
    Brought a million from him today.
    I have to say, being my first ever online purchase of gold/poe on any game, I was very skeptical disregard all the vouches on here. But with this solid and fast service, you have reassured me of the legitimacy of large PoE sellers. Thanks, Neptar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Furken Death View Post
    Great service, Fast and easy! Thanks Weight +1 Vouch
    Quote Originally Posted by tycox94 View Post
    He's legit Very kind guy. Thanks weight !
    Quote Originally Posted by very View Post
    First time buyer bought 1mil, I went first and had no problem at all. Great guy, will buy some more thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuyrk View Post
    Bought 1mil off this guy! Trade went great!! It's Awesome to know not everyone on this site will scam you. Definitely will be doing business in the near future with Weight!
    Quote Originally Posted by savagesun View Post
    Good guy, took a bit because of the server's downtime, but when we got to it it was fast and easy. He's fun too haha. Big ups!
    Plus many more..
    Last edited by Weight; 03-14-2016 at 06:19 AM. Reason: USer requested title change a while back xD.

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    Read up on this Announcements - Puzzle Pirates Poe before you trade. It will help you avoid any trade calamities.
    Retired with no intention of returning. Don't remember me because you won't see me often.

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    I MM'd a 1m trade, thanks :]
    He's a friendly dude

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    +1, good lad. New to it and glad to be helpful and make him a little richer.

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    4M left in stock

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    went first and went smooth, thanks!

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    bought 650k. quick and easy.

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    2M left in stock

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    Bought 1m from this person, great person to work with, very honest!

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    1M left !!!

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