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    Buying all poe > meridan / emerald 4:100

    Buying Meridan Poe/emerald
    Buying all poe on meridan/emerald
    Price is $4 per 100k / or $40 for 1m

    My budget atm is up to 5m.

    We will transfer the PoE in Puzzle Pirates in several ways. To avoid a higher risk of getting banned.
    Such as buying items from a tailoring stall, poker, or local tournament.

    Add me on skype: Gookieblade

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    [9:42:54 AM] Tommy: yo yo, you selling poe?
    [9:43:04 AM] powerballbp: Only have 500k in stock atm.
    [9:43:18 AM] Tommy: okay for $20?
    [9:43:29 AM] powerballbp: 4.50 per 100k.
    [9:43:35 AM] Tommy: wha....
    [9:43:45 AM] powerballbp: You read my forum?
    [9:43:52 AM] Tommy: so 22.5?
    [9:43:58 AM] powerballbp: Yes.
    [9:44:03 AM] Tommy: taht's fine.
    [9:44:06 AM] Tommy: doy ou have any vouches?
    [9:44:15 AM] powerballbp: Yes on BuyPoe.
    [9:44:43 AM] powerballbp: We need to do this quickly i have docs soon
    [9:44:57 AM] Tommy: I have vouches on bot supply.
    [9:45:08 AM] powerballbp: Okay, account name?
    [9:45:15 AM] powerballbp: My paypal is [emailx[/email]
    [9:45:16 AM] Tommy: taxers
    [9:45:20 AM] Tommy: taxer
    [9:45:21 AM] powerballbp: Send as gift
    [9:45:29 AM] Tommy: I don't go first , if you have no vouches.
    [9:45:51 AM] powerballbp: Go on buypue and look
    [9:45:52 AM] Tommy: I used to use buypoe, the managers of the site don't even check up on people.
    [9:45:59 AM] powerballbp: I have vouches
    [9:46:09 AM] powerballbp: Half and half thenp
    [9:46:11 AM] Tommy: on bs, people check up on you.
    [9:46:27 AM] Tommy: I don't go first.
    [9:46:44 AM] powerballbp: Alright we go half and half
    [9:46:52 AM] powerballbp: Ypp name?
    [9:47:23 AM] Tommy: wait
    [9:47:27 AM] Tommy: are you on meridan or emerald
    [9:47:30 AM] powerballbp: Emerald
    [9:47:37 AM] Tommy: can you go on meridan or no
    [9:47:41 AM] powerballbp: No sorry.
    [9:47:59 AM] Tommy: dammit.. im losing money then
    [9:48:07 AM] Tommy: name is ragers
    [9:48:48 AM] Tommy: just 250?
    [9:48:59 AM] powerballbp: We go half/galf
    [9:49:05 AM] Tommy: oh wow..
    [9:49:11 AM] powerballbp: After i recieve half/cash i do the rest
    [9:49:53 AM] Tommy: whatever
    [9:50:04 AM] powerballbp: ?
    [9:50:10 AM] Tommy: you canceled it
    [9:50:16 AM] Tommy: you gotta maek it 4
    [9:50:17 AM] Tommy: 2
    [9:50:21 AM] Tommy: not 4
    [9:50:25 AM] powerballbp: I need togo im very sorry
    [9:50:39 AM] Tommy: you gotta make it 2 participants
    [9:50:44 AM] Tommy: come on man
    [9:51:16 AM] Tommy: lol okay, just hit me up when your back on.
    [9:53:14 AM] powerballbp: Will do very sorry about that.
    [9:53:29 AM] Tommy: it's allg ood buddy
    [11:05:03 AM] powerballbp: Hey you ready?
    [11:05:13 AM] Tommy: yes
    [11:06:50 AM] powerballbp: Okay hold on
    [11:10:16 AM] powerballbp: Alright
    [11:10:22 AM] powerballbp: How we doing the transaction?
    [11:11:05 AM] Tommy: local tournament
    [11:11:08 AM] powerballbp: If you pay first ill do entire in one transaction, But if not we go half/half.
    [11:11:10 AM] Tommy: is the best way i believe.
    [11:11:23 AM] Tommy: mate, ill pay the whole thing, we dont gottta do half half.
    [11:11:28 AM] Tommy: i have vouches.
    [11:11:34 AM] Tommy: i dont know why you are so scared for...
    [11:11:49 AM] powerballbp: No sorry, some guy had vouches and scammed me..
    [11:12:11 AM] Tommy: off of botsupply or buypoe?
    [11:12:15 AM] powerballbp: Botsupply
    [11:12:20 AM] Tommy: name?
    [11:12:48 AM] powerballbp: Hes banned
    [11:12:53 AM] powerballbp: It was that official buyer gay boy
    [11:13:06 AM] Tommy: no idea
    [11:13:53 AM] powerballbp: Ya. But further on. Half/half. Dude i have vouches as well. Ill even show you the PoE
    [11:14:40 AM] Tommy: I don't care about the poe.
    [11:14:48 AM] Tommy: I care about if i'm going to recieve it.
    [11:14:59 AM] powerballbp: You will, were doing half/half.
    [11:15:06 AM] Tommy: that's fien then
    [11:15:11 AM] Tommy: but im just saying, you dont have to be so nervous mate lmfao
    [11:15:22 AM] powerballbp: Ill only go first in half/half. Okay.
    [11:15:30 AM] powerballbp: Ypp name?
    [11:16:04 AM] Tommy: rages
    [11:16:07 AM] Tommy: ragers
    [11:16:15 AM] Tommy: hold on
    [11:17:02 AM] powerballbp: Okay, once you receice the first half send as a gift to x and in the gift please include "I have receive my virtual money"
    [11:17:26 AM] Tommy: alright.
    [11:17:49 AM] Tommy: you're only selling 500k...?
    [11:19:05 AM] powerballbp: Thats how much you wanted.
    [11:19:13 AM] Tommy: no...
    [11:19:15 AM] Tommy: im buying more lmfao
    [11:19:17 AM] powerballbp: Yes.
    [11:19:22 AM] Tommy: no
    [11:19:24 AM] Tommy: you said you have 500k only
    [11:19:38 AM] Tommy: [9:43 AM] powerballbp:

    <<< Only have 500k in stock atm.
    [11:19:48 AM] powerballbp: Yea, and you said tha you would purchase it? For 22.5?
    [11:21:24 AM] Tommy: yeah
    [11:21:26 AM] Tommy: but i wanted more
    [11:21:27 AM] Tommy: not just 500k
    [11:25:37 AM] powerballbp: Okay. Well i have 200k more after i receive 11.25
    [11:26:55 AM] Tommy: okay
    [11:27:44 AM] Tommy: but i dont know your paypal
    [11:28:06 AM] powerballbp: I gave it to you already. [email]x/email]
    [11:29:03 AM] powerballbp: ??
    [11:29:07 AM] Tommy: one moment
    [11:29:48 AM] powerballbp: Okay waiting.
    [11:31:29 AM] powerballbp: ??
    [11:33:17 AM] powerballbp: 11.25
    [11:34:38 AM] Tommy: mate i have to transfer money to my bank to my paypal
    [11:34:57 AM] powerballbp: ... Just send it to me?
    [11:36:14 AM] powerballbp: Im recording so you know.
    [11:36:53 AM] powerballbp: Call to Tommy, no answer.
    [11:37:18 AM] powerballbp: You have 5 minutes before I file a report.
    [11:37:51 AM] powerballbp: Avoiding to answer the skype call.
    [11:37:55 AM] powerballbp: Payment.
    [11:38:50 AM] powerballbp: Are you going to pay me. Yes or No?

    dbag.png He scammed me, thank god only 250k comparted to something that could be worse. REPORT

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    what are you on about kid?

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    Nice scam.

    Someone please ban this kid, please.

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    Right the next person to trash his thread will be infracted. Submit an official report posting all the evidence if you want it to be taken seriously.
    Retired with no intention of returning. Don't remember me because you won't see me often.

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    Report him in the Scam section so a mod can see it its better i think so everyone will see it and be cautious

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    Sorry did not know where to post will do.

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