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    NEW Poe seller in town!! Both oceans ALWAYS stocked


    Welcome to I-supply's Shoppe!

    Specifically for all you Puzzle

    Pirate fanatics out there!

    The price is as follows - $38 / 1 Million PoE OR $35 / mil. This is if you purchase 5 Million PoE or more in one transaction.

    I do also supply in increments of 100k For the price of $5 / 100k

    You can mix and match you PoE between both oceans if you play both!


    Aye just like Puzzle Pirates itself, purchasing PoE from me does come with a few rules, the rules are in place to cover my ass and
    your ass both in game and whilst transfering the money.

    1) I am very versatile when it comes to trading PoE and use a wide variety of methods, in some methods i do require you have a minimum
    of 100k on your account. Solid SF/Rumble or Narrow poker. ( We can discuss what method we will use on Skype and will arrange something
    to suit us both based on your stats).

    2) I do not go first unless you have substantial vouches by very active members of good standing in this community.

    3) I will trade via a verified MM, If all costs are to be met by the customer.

    4) If you are purchasing PoE with a very low post rate i require you to put a note in Paypal upon making the payment stating ( Any attempt
    for me to charge-back / Dispute a payment, I am willing/ trying to scam the individual and would like the case to be closed immediately and
    the case going towards to recipient.)

    5) After completing a transation with me I would much appreciate if you would leave a comment on this thread I will link customers after
    there purchase.

    Skype : I-Supply-2013

    Building a good standing relationship with me as a seller and making frequent purchases will make the PoE prices i

    charge to you as an individual decrease as a thank you for your loyalty to me.

    If you have any questions at all feel free to shoot me a PM or add me on Skype to discuss your queries.

    I am online alot of the time and I am signed into skype nearly all day. so you can be assured you'll get your poe quicker via me.

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    Need 4m meri

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    Inboxed you.

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    I can be a MM for you

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    Bought. Safe and went nice.

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    More stock available both ocean, total resupply, over 30mil available!!

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    I need one million here. Add me on skype blakemtraceyy

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    Need 1-2M on emerald. Added you on skype.

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