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    Lightbulb Trading Steam Gift for 100k (Price lowered) Meridian

    I am willing to buy you a 6 dollar game on Steam and gift it to you in return for 100k PoE on Meridian.

    (The reason I am doing this is because I have some left over money in my steam wallet but figured that this is a better value than dubloons and maybe the trade can benefit a fellow member)

    I WILL gift the steam game first if a trusted person wishes to do this. If you have a new account, I will ask that you give me half of the PoE (50k) I will gift you the game, and then you give me the other half.

    I hope that I can find someone to trade with that takes honesty as seriously as I do, as this will be my first PoE purchase from a third party website.

    PM me your steam name or leave it in the thread and I will add you and we can discuss further details on there.

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