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    Emmy/Merid Tupov's Shop $35/m

    PoE for sale on Emerald Ocean for $35/M
    Add me on Skype at "tupovpoeseller" or PM me on BotSupply

    Minimum Sum: 200k PoE

    Payment Mode: Paypal

    Attach a note saying
    "I will not chargeback/dispute this amount. If I do, I am attempting
    to scam the recipient of this sum, and the chargeback/dispute must
    be immediately decided in the favour of the recipient."

    I have been around for 1 year+ and have not received a SINGLE scamming accusation.
    I am absolutely trustworthy, and I assure you you cannot find a safer source to buy PoE from.
    You will go first, unless i trust you.

    My Vouches:
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