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    IMPOSTER [ Poe seller ] skype name [ Dutyreport ] Do not trust .

    [8:59:50 PM] gookieblade: Hello
    [9:00:03 PM] Poe Selling: hey
    [9:00:10 PM] Poe Selling: you buying?
    [9:00:26 PM] gookieblade: yes i am
    [9:00:39 PM] gookieblade: but i am afriad
    [9:00:40 PM] Poe Selling: Great. I am your guy. How much do you need?
    [9:00:42 PM] gookieblade: because i just seen a post
    [9:00:45 PM] gookieblade: saying poe selling scams
    [9:00:49 PM] Poe Selling: No
    [9:00:55 PM] Poe Selling: That guy is a scammer
    [9:01:08 PM] gookieblade: that's your name.
    [9:01:10 PM] Poe Selling: He said he was buying. then all of a suddent he is selling 10m
    [9:01:28 PM] gookieblade: im buying at the ratio $4 for 100k.
    [9:01:32 PM] Poe Selling: ok
    [9:01:49 PM] gookieblade: Do you have any vouches by chance?
    [9:01:54 PM] Poe Selling: Well i sell at 3.8
    [9:01:58 PM] Poe Selling: yes one sec
    [9:03:16 PM] Poe Selling:
    [9:03:34 PM] Poe Selling: viridianseller will vouch for me because we are close friends
    [9:04:12 PM] gookieblade: sorry but im reading the post he posted.
    [9:04:19 PM] gookieblade: I'm afriad i'm probably not going to buy
    [9:04:29 PM] gookieblade: unless you go first by chance.
    [9:04:33 PM] Poe Selling: I am also emmypoesale on BP I have a vouch saying i sold over 4m
    [9:05:16 PM] gookieblade: that's not your skype tho.
    [9:05:32 PM] Poe Selling: Well if you look at his posts they make no sense. He was buying poe from me. I didnt sell it to him. So he rages and made all that up. Then 5 min later he says he is selling 10m at $25/m
    [9:05:33 PM] gookieblade: the guys skype is poeselling
    [9:05:43 PM] Poe Selling: My name is poeselling
    [9:05:54 PM] gookieblade: it said that you said he gave it to the wrong paypal
    [9:05:58 PM] Poe Selling: If you seach poeselling on skype you'll see me and another dude
    [9:06:04 PM] Poe Selling: thats name was taken
    [9:06:16 PM] Poe Selling: and I didnt say any of that stuff he added all those lines
    [9:06:40 PM] gookieblade: that guy poeselling
    [9:06:42 PM] gookieblade: is legit
    [9:06:46 PM] gookieblade: i know him i bought from him the other day
    [9:06:51 PM] gookieblade: he hasn't been on for likle 5 days tho .
    [9:07:02 PM] Poe Selling: You are confused
    [9:07:12 PM] gookieblade: His skype name is poeselling
    [9:07:14 PM] Poe Selling: It's okay tho
    [9:07:18 PM] gookieblade: What you sent me
    [9:07:20 PM] gookieblade: the site i know that guy
    [9:07:22 PM] Poe Selling: We can start spall if you'd like
    [9:07:23 PM] gookieblade: i just bought from him
    [9:07:37 PM] Poe Selling: I am emypoesale on BP
    [9:07:50 PM] Poe Selling: Want me to log on and verify?
    [9:08:03 PM] Poe Selling: I have vouches
    [9:08:16 PM] gookieblade: i dont feel so safe i'm sorry.
    [9:08:22 PM] gookieblade: Unless you go first, i will pay.
    [9:08:32 PM] gookieblade: I juts want to know
    [9:08:41 PM] gookieblade: whyd u send me a different guy
    [9:08:48 PM] Poe Selling: ?
    [9:08:50 PM] gookieblade: that link you just sent me is a guy called poe selling from sherffield UK
    [9:08:56 PM] gookieblade: That's not your vouches
    [9:09:04 PM] gookieblade: i bought from him the other day.
    [9:09:26 PM] gookieblade: am i correct?
    [9:09:28 PM] Poe Selling: yeah we both use that account. Dude I can send you a pm from there to verify
    [9:09:36 PM] Poe Selling: We make money faster together
    [9:09:40 PM] gookieblade: okay.
    [9:09:44 PM] gookieblade: please go on there and pm me.
    [9:09:51 PM] Poe Selling: Ok
    [9:10:12 PM] gookieblade: can you go on his skype by chance?
    [9:11:08 PM] Poe Selling: no

    He's trying to imposter Poeselling. Do not trust him. His skype name is DUTYREPORT. DO NOT TRUST .

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    Retired with no intention of returning. Don't remember me because you won't see me often.

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    wrong section

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    told you he scams... he's a d-bag and the reason i'm selling is because i sold all my colored fams rofl

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    You all missed the part about it being an impostor (Read the title)

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