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    Buying poe with rs GP

    My runscape gp for your PoE.

    I am new to the forums, we can use middleman service or incements. I just need to get the GP off me and turn it into poe.

    I would need a middle man or two to message me and prove that they are trusting. I will put a great word in for you once the trade has been completed. Aswell as a buyer! or two.

    I have 40m (little more) on runescape. Im looking to do 1 poe to 30 RS GP. so thats 100k/3m. This pries is negotiable.

    Hope to see some posts soon!
    Pm me!

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    Just letting you know, your prices are extremely (and I mean extremely) off.

    100K PoE runs for about $5.

    10M RSGP loosely runs for about $5, depending on prices (keep in mind that this website has little to no RSGP trading).

    I've replied to your PM.

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    I'd be happy to buy your RSGP however as said above you're prices are far off for me, i'll do 100k poe for every 10m rsgp.
    If you're interested send me a message.

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