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    Buying emerald poe (trustred members only)

    that means if you only have 2 - 3 posts i will not be buying from you.

    im buying around 2-

    id like to talk to them on a IM. i prefer people from the UK as i we will be on at the same time. and i can log on and not have to wait like hours for that person.

    i will not be paying for a middle man either

    simple as, these rules can be changed

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    While I do not have that many posts, as I do not use this site that often, I do have a reasonably strong vouche.

    Quote Originally Posted by Face View Post
    Larry indeed legitsauce. So legitsauce I nom on it.


    If you are interested add me on skype:

    ~ Plentyofpoe

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    I've also sold numerous millions on BP and am currently in the process of creating a name here. I've got 3.1 mill for sale, selling for 45$ per mill. PM me if interested!

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