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    Selling 10Mil (emerald)

    CharlieK's POE Shop!

    Hello! I am selling POE for the emerald server, All the information you need is in this post, if you need to ask a question or are interested, then don't hesitate to contact me! My details are found at the bottom of this forum post!

    I Sell on the Emerald Server Only

    These aren't fixed prices! I can also sell amounts such as 250k or 750k.

    100,000!- Only $5!
    200,000!- Only $10!
    1,000,000!- Only $50!
    2,000,000!- Only $100!

    Note! You must pay for the POE before delivery, this will not change for any reason!

    Currently: Instock!. 10Million Remaining

    Add me on any of these services:
    You can talk to me about the prices, or if your looking to buy. Contact me which ever way you find best:


    Skype: glpacman

    Private Messaging: You can PM me on bot-supply forum's messaging. Although I recommend the above for live chat, this is still an option.

    Feedback and Vouches!
    Ramsfan - Just bought 250k from him, TRUSTED VOUCH
    Exiite- Vouched. He sold me 1 mill
    bballer2417 - Sold me 400k VOUCH!
    iCalum - 200k Vouch!
    RaiderPirate - 200k Vouch!
    See here: Click Here!

    Thank You for reading, again don't hesitate to contact me!
    Any feedback left is highly appreciated!

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    Sick setup man, gl.

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    Instead of quoting your vouches like that, you can actually go to each member's post on your vouch thread, click "Reply with Quote", then copy paste the [QUOTE..../QUOTE] part, and put that in your thread. That way, it'll automatically link to the vouch-post.

    Like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Exiite View Post
    Vouched. He sold me 1 mill
    -> See if you click the arrow at the top right of that quote, it'll take you to the vouch.

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