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Thread: Selling Obsidian Poe/Fams 25/mil

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    Selling Obsidian Poe/Fams 25/mil

    Selling Obsidian poe and items/familiars/pets/just anything in general

    Currently have about 10m+ PoE in stock, along with a variety of fams with total estimated value at around 40-50m.

    Price is $25/mil, with a cheaper bulk option for any purchase over 10m+.

    Please PM me with your discord tag/skype FIRST.
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    35m+ poe sold on obsidian, 10m+ fams on obsidian, 1m+ on emerald sold within the past 2 months.

    I can also be a somewhat nice person to talk to/can provide in game tips and whatever depending on how busy I am.

    hmu hmu xoxo kthx <3

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    Nah he’s lying, the kid is actually a dick to talk to.... would not recommend whatsoever.....

    Now that you’re done reading that absolute bullshit, the truth is this kid is awesome to deal with and there’s no one I’d rather buy poe from. Each transaction is better than the last. If you don’t go with him you’re a dummy.
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    anything on emerald ?

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    Stock on Obsidian: 1 mil left
    Emerald- haven't had much time lately to play on emerald and I'd like to keep the mil or so i have right now for bankroll

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    Update (02/26/2019)

    Obsidian : 10m+ (25/mil) + Variety of Familiars/Pets, bulk deal prices for 10m+
    Emerald : Sold the last bit today, won't have some for a while ( Sorry! :[ )
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    Update (02/27/2019)

    Obsidian: 20m+ liquid PoE and 50m+ of LE and common familiars (25/mil, Better deals for 10m+)
    Emerald: Thinking of retiring from selling emerald PoE, I'll flip small mils here and there though for people who've stuck with me <3


    Obsidian: 30m+ liquid poe + fams/pets from above.
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