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    Selling PoE on Emerald and Meridian Oceans

    Want to sell Poe on Emerald and Meridian Oceans. Got more than 20M Poe on each ocean and can earn some more in some weeks if i sell these.

    18€ (Euros) / 22$ (USD) per Million Poe on Emerald;
    10€ (Euros) / 12.5$ (USD) per Million Poe on Meridian.
    I can do smaller amounts in the same proportion.

    I only accept transfer by Paypal -> Send to friends and family.
    I WILL NOT go first but can do smaller amounts of transfers of Poe each time to assure you i´m not scamming.
    Can go first for verified buyers.
    I can show you my PoE stack for proof that i got that to sell.

    You can PM here or add on skype for more info/to buy it.
    Skype: alter.poe / Manuel Caraças

    I will try and be on whenever i can and reply the fastest i can.

    Thank you,

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    any poe left to sell?
    Edit: I'm not a dumb coconut and won't leak my pirate name.
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    It’s me villaix

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