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Thread: Obsidian poe.

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    Obsidian poe. [IN STOCK: 40M+]

    Short and sweet, limited time only as I don't do this in a prolonged fashion. Maximum is 2M unless we do at least 2 transactions, after that depending on the amount of trust and relationship we have I can increase it to roughly 9M per "transaction" both in the game (script-wise) and financial wise.

    1M = $26.50 USD.
    2M = $45.50 USD. *One time only.*

    5m+ = $24.50 per million.

    PM's only. You can get my Skype once I confirm you are a serious buyer.

    Payment Methods *NON-NEGOTIABLE*

    - Interact eTransfer (Canada, USA)
    - Moneygram
    - Bank / Wire Transfer
    - Bitcoin
    - Amazon Gift Card Vouchers (Must be redeemable on, and equal value of the USD in question)
    * I will not accept Paypal or anything not listed above.

    Only selling for a limited time. Seasonal seller, not looking for "frequent" or casual buyers once my available stock becomes unavailable.
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    * Note: I will use Skype with people I can confirm are serious buyers. You can start off by PMing me, along with how much poe you're looking to buy in the long run. Unless you're just looking to purchase 1-2M, that's also fine. Thank you! <3

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