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    $25/M (OBSIDIAN) - 10M a week

    Hello community, I am a respected player and lately decided that since I can earn so much and this poe has no use for me, I should make some money.

    Price is $25/M while the PP sells at $80/M and market is at $25-50/M.

    Capacity is 10M/week, I will not be selling more than that unless the buyer wills to pay considerably more unlike what you expected.

    I am first looking for as respected player as every and each one of you would trust. Therefore I am paying $5/M to my middleman. That is %20 tax. I have posted on Middleman topic for this and until then I will not be sharing my contacts or selling any poe, as soon as a Middleman of all trust is found we shall trade then.

    Basic Rules:
    Reading Scarecrow's post just now,
    •I am new, done " 0 " of these deals yet. This will be updated.
    •Due to my country I do not accept PayPal, I however accept BTC or Direct bank transfer
    •If you happen to ask for your own Middleman, thats fine.
    •I am thinking of using Discord for communication since it views past chats so that my buyers can see the dialogs. TeamViewer on buyer/seller/middleman so that Middleman can watch.

    This thread is going to be updated soon.
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    Dear swordfighting god, I have a few questions:

    • Are you better than scola55?
    • Are you actually selling your own PoE?
    • Are you aware that 99.95% on this website uses PayPal only which might lead to complications?

    That being said, looks nice.
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    Who do you think you are?

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    Dear curious forum member,
    •Dont know about that, he may be or I may be doesn't really matter this is a free market

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    send me discord plz, I will buy.

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    Hello I would love to buy, Please send me the information.

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