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    Unique, LE 1 in game familiar

    Hi, i can't say what familiar, colour or anything here, because that would make it easy to know who i am.
    Its worth around 7-10m and i want ONLY Skrill for it.
    I am most likely quiting Puzzlepirates, so i might let you have the account also.
    The account is 100% safe, and will not get banned, its your choice how you want to trade for the fam. (but i have some ideas)
    I might go first to some people, but not every one.

    Send me a PM/Post with your Skype if you are interrested.
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    I guess I'm confused how an LE 1 in game familiar is cheaper than like a booched monkey or a musketeer hat parrot?

    How exactly "unique" is this familiar?

    You dont have to give color specifics, but at least clarifying the TYPE of familiar would be useful... whether it be a Toucan (which I'm guessing that's what it is), or a Ghostling, or perhaps a unique colored octopus.

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    Byebye noob
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