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    Selling 2M chespest price here... EMERALD

    Hello, I havent been on for a while, but now i'm back for a few again!!!

    Im VikingMerchant the old user of this forum, sorry i was away for a while; somehow I cant remember my Vikingmerchant Skype password or email so... I dont care using my own personal Skype to do the deal... Read next:

    Here is my thread for the ones who wouldnt trust. I started paying first, and still willing to do with users with experience and reputation here...

    My vouch thread:

    I got 2m for sale, Willing to sell them at the cheapest price on this forum... Contact me if intersted!

    Skype: Just edited this for my security in YPP, Please send me a message with your Skype account if intersted, Im online very often. Will be a quick transfaction
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    Your skype brings up two people one has pic one not

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    Remember its not Vikingmerchant skype i forgot that Password. Im gonna use my own personal one...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Cupidmoon View Post
    Your skype brings up two people one has pic one not
    Its not Viking.merchant skype cause i forgot the password man, Im gonna use my own personal skype. Send me ur to add you on PM please

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    1M left!
    Sold 1m to
    Cupidmoon: Bought 1m, smooth and easy and very helpful. Thanks again!

    My vouch thread:

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    Still got 1M left, very easy transaction!!! Excelent price and very trustable...

    Vouches: Selling poe since about a year!!!

    MEssage me with your Skype if intersted! or ask for mine in PM

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    Poe already sold, no stock at the moment! Will post next time i restock!
    Thanks guys i sold my stock in 2 days here.
    Have a good day everyone!

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