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Thread: Emerald PoE

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    Emerald PoE

    I quit Puzzle Pirates ages ago, but I might get back to Puzzle Pirates if I can manage finding a seller that has a huge stock and is willing to work out a deal.

    Payment Methods: PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Bitcoin, RS07GP, CS:GO Skins/Knives, Steam Wallet Prepaid/Giftcards or anything that is League of Legends related.

    I have a huge budget (depending on how much you have).

    Send me a PM of a way to contact you, such as Skype. I just registered on here, so I might not check back very often (since I might forget to).

    I will include my Skype-Name, just in case.
    Skype-Name: The2Hunters


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    This user has been banned on other accounts before, do NOT deal with him!

    For more information on this guy, please refer to this post.


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