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    League of Legends Accounts or Boosting Service for PoE


    I host a League of Legends Boosting Service on many other forums and been hosting it for more than a year so far.
    I also (of course) have my very own personal accounts that I have no use for, therefore I am selling them (since I barely have time to play on them or even use them - I am constantly boosting and having a lot of customers).

    I am a Challenger Player. All the Accounts I have that I am selling are extremely great and they are my very own hand-registered accounts and has not violated the Summoner's Code whatsoever.

    My Boosting Service is the greatest Boosting Service you will ever witness out there, guaranteed. Been boosting for extremely long ($2000~$4000+ earned out of my outstanding Boosting Service).

    If you have PoE's, and if you are interested in League of Legends related goods, you may post here or send me a PM.

    You may also add me on Skype.

    Skype-Name: The2Hunters


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    Was he banned for reasons other then his service/history being a lie?

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