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Thread: Selling Poe.

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    Selling Poe.

    Welcome to
    Endar's PoeShop

    My name's Endar and I am new here on Bot-Supply. I've been playing PuzzlePirates for quite a while, and I've found my interest for poker, through this game.
    After several years of playing, and becoming great on poker, I now have a big leftover, and a lot of PoE, I do not know what to spent at.
    I am short on money, and I need a new laptop for when school starts. That's the main reason for me selling PoE.

    I know that I am new on Bot-Supply, and that I have a low amount of vouches, which means it'll be hard for me, to prove myself trustworthy. Because of that, I will agree to do increments as low as 50K/time, and even go first, if can prove that you're trusted around here.

    Emerald = 10M+
    Meridian = 5M

    50-200K = $25 (Was $28)
    200K-500K = $25 (Was $26.5)
    500K+ = $24.5* (Best deal)

    I remain the rights to decline any offer for any reason.
    You will do as I say, when trading.**
    You agree to go first, unless you're very trusted on Bot-Supply.
    You will not attempt to scam.
    You will leave a vouch, when the trade is done.

    Contact me through PM, and fill out this form:

    Amount to buy:
    Do you agree with the terms?:

    Completed trades with positive vouch: 1
    Completed trades with negative vouch: 0
    Completed trade without vouch: 0

    * Will usually be $25
    ** In terms of using my method to swap the money, to write what I say in the PayPal transaction and simply just don't try to act foolish while we trade. If I ask you to drop your pants, please don't obey that.
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    Bought 250K. Endar went first with 100K, then I went first on the last 150K. Everything went smooth. Fast and reliable person. ++++

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    Hey can you check your inbox

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    Already Pm'd you.

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