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    Slaya's Cheap Poe Shop ($27.00/M)

    Slaya's Poe shop

    Current Stock: out of stock

    Fast and reliable services, my customers always come first.

    Ocean: Meridian only for now. Currently in the works on setting up for Emerald.

    Current Price: $27.00 a mil will not trade less than a mil currently (looking for long term buyers and just looking to get rid of whatever is lost of our meridian poe)

    Skype: slayapoe

    Requirements: Skype and Paypal (must send as a gift with my message attached)

    PM me on skype if you're looking to do business. You will go first (my prices are cheaper than everyone elses so we can get vouches) more than willing to use a middle man. We can discuss on Skype on how you wish to do the transfer.

    Vouch Thread (in the works):
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    added u

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    Update: Sold out and will be back in 2-3 weeks after a vacation to restock and be ready to sell more

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