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    Is there a safe way to buy poe?

    Is there possible to buy poe without getting banned? If thats the case, could you please tell us how to do it safe...

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    Don't buy from mass sellers

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    A friend who you talk/deal with

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    Get to know the person in-game before trading. Play a littler together, challenge eachother, and you might even want to do a pillage. Be sure your account has had a good amount of wealth before you trade. Poor accounts who suddenly have 3M or so, is likely to be banned.

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    Summary: Make it look legit.

    Dont use cheesy random tournaments.
    Dont trade with alts.
    Dont use Sloops.
    Avoid /pay PoE.
    Avoid Mass sellers.

    Trade with an established pirate in his main puzzle (Stick/SF,Rumble,TD,Drinking or optional: Poker). Its good if the seller has a legit wager record against legit players.
    Also make sure to choose the right approach ( not something like : Yo, wager 1m in Rumble?).

    Basically use common sense.
    A failed deal to trade (declining because trading would be too suspicious/dangerous) is better than a banned pirate.

    Choose your seller wisely [ even if it involves spending 2-3$ more per mil].
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