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    Selling bulk PoE

    Selling on the emerald ocean, send me a pm if you're interested, $27 or 16 (preferrably GBP) per million.

    <<<<<<<9m left>>>>>>>

    Would like you to go first unless if you are very trusted.

    Paypal note must include: I am paying for virtual goods which i have already received, if I attempt to chargeback I am attempting to deceive and am scamming the seller.

    Will sell it all in bulk, and sell in parts etc if you choose this option.

    ---Will be available all day GMT to sell---
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    What's the price?

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    Bought 2m of this guy, Great seller - Would buy again.

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    Got a few million still left to sell, send me a PM I'm currently available! $27 or 16 per million, if you buy 5 million will do $125 or 78.

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