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    Selling poe Meridian and Emerald

    $30 per mill.

    Since I'm new I'll go first for most trusted and senior members. I will not go first if I think the deal is shady or if you have no previous negotiations with other sellers or if you are new.

    If you've worked with me previously I'd appreciate a vouche on this thread:

    Paypal is the only method of payment I'm accepting atm, will try to branch out to others in the future.

    You will need: 1. narrow exp in poker. 2. 20k 3. Skype

    I only accept gift payment, other types of payment will be refunded.

    When you send the money I need you to use this message at notice on paypal "I am sending a payment for virtual goods which I already received. I will not request a refund or scamming the seller."

    Current stock: -

    Merid: 2m Eme: 2m

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    i will buy. add my skype..


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    Vouch! bought 1.5mil i went first although weary of new seller but all was good !


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