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    Looking to buy PoE on Emerald!

    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking to spend $45 to get 1.5M PoE. If you are interested my Skype username is sparkclaws. Deal will be made in multiple parts to asure the minimum risk and i will not be going first

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    *WARNING* This seller is also known as HayleySnow on Buypoe (see her recent post on there about buying poe, using this skype name). She previously used a skype name, known as Hayley.snow4 ... Yesterday I sold her 500k, she demanded I went first, and I said okay, providing we did the sale in segments (she was originally after $45 worth of poe, which was 1.5m). I put the 500k in the chest, she took it, and then blocked me on skype. I have not recieved my money for this. DO NOT BUY FROM HER.

    I am about to go and post this again on BuyPoe. Don't let her take any poe from you. I can post evidence (screenshots) if you want.

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    I have +20M stock, send me a message for skype..

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