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    Selling a tailor shop on Admiral (Emerald Ocean)


    I'm selling a tailor shoppe on Admiral island (Emerald Ocean). (I also made a post about this on buypoe, so if you've seen that, that person is me.)

    It has no materials, but there is a pretty good rack. The rack itself is worth a good amount of PoE, but if you buy the tailor, I'll throw in the rack for free.

    As I stated in the other post I made, I understand that this is a risky process, so I'm happy to meet via Skype/webcam and reveal my identity if it makes you feel at ease. I have other things I'd sell in the future, but I'm not listing them until the shoppe sells because I don't want anybody at Three Rings to figure out who I am.

    If you're interested in the shoppe, please PM me your Skype name. Thanks,


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    Sell the shoppe for poe, then sell the poe. Much safer and faster for everyone.

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