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    Elite, experienced emerald account

    Actually im selling two accounts! (both have one main + alts on them, im only describing the main, the alts also have some ults etc)
    On none of those accounts bots were used, they were self made and played for a long time. Both have good reputation and are quite well known (especially account #1)

    Account #1:
    Current Stats:
    Illustrious/Ultimate Sailing
    Ultimate Rigging
    Legendary Carp
    Legendary Patch
    Ultimate bilging
    Grand-Master guns
    Legendary Dnav
    Legendary Bnav
    GM SF
    Novice/able Rumble
    Ultimate TH

    trophies: #1 sailor, Ultimates: TH, Bilge, Sails, Rigs, Carp, Dnav,
    token trophies: Pillars of Sails, Towers of sails, Seal of sails, wind marble

    main character has over 20 portraits (all with fams, nice clothing etc, freakin stylish)

    ***over 100 other trophies!****

    Manor on Admiral Island (furnished, painted)
    lots of whisking potions, trinkets, male clothes (including expensive clothes), furniture

    Account #2
    Illustrious/Legendary sailing
    Ultimate rigging
    Expert/Renowned carpentry
    Weighty/Legendary Bilge
    Legendary Patch
    Weighty/GM guns
    Legendary TH
    Expert/Grand-Master Dnav
    Leg Bnav
    Leg SF
    Proficient Rumble

    #1 Sailor
    #1 Dnav
    Ultimate Bnav

    other Ultimate Trophies:
    bilge, dnav, sails, rigs, TH, SF, spades, Poker

    token trophies: Pillars of sails, Tower of Winds, Wind Marble, Seal of Sails, Seal of Carpentry, 2x oaken carp/sail
    account has 3 Years (3 Jolly roger trophies) and around 200 trophies.

    Add me on skype: Isell PoesEmerald and we can negotiate the price. I accept USD (paypal/bank transfer) PoEs on Emerald/Meridian
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    What oceans are these on?

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    is this still for sale? and how much?

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    +1 vouch everything went smoothly

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