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    Phantom's Free Verification/ Middleman Services

    I'll be offering my services as a verify-er or a middle man of any sort of transaction on the website.

    Why would you trust me to verify for you or act as a middle-man?
    I've been around for quite a while, from Globalinfection to Decayed Asylum to Buypoe as an Administrator, Moderator, Coder and even a regular member. I have made hundreds of transactions over the year and I doubt anyone can find a single post even suggesting I did anything wrong in a transaction.

    Why am i offering my services for free?
    Lately I've noticed scamming is on the rise and people are getting away with it. I myself have fallen victim to quite a few and while I got my money back through the bank and paypa by providing skype logs and evidence, some people are not so lucky.

    How will it work?
    I will simply be checking over teamvewer to make sure the seller has the item or amount they are selling. This will not count as a vouch, its just to prove that they aren't attempting to sell smoke in a can like most people have been. The middle-man part is self explanatory.
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