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    i need stats on everything.

    as the tittle says i need stats on everything. i apparently got banned for ban evasion and would like to get a new account with all ranks at Broad/Untimate. Give me a price. if you cant get every stat to Broad/Ultimate, then send me a offer on those you can i know it might be expensive. but lets see how much you want to do it for you can add me on skype if you want to write there. my skype is "henrikkroko"

    Thanks for taking your time read this! Have a wonderful day!
    i am looking for someone who can code a bot for me!! The job is paied (100-200USD maybe more) Add me on my skype "henrikkroko" or shoot me a pm! hope to hear from you

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    I have just finished an account which has been sold today
    The stats it has:
    Rigging, carpentry, patching, gunning, sails, and bilging are all solid ultimate
    Also has ultimate sf and rumble
    Came with officer badge
    Account was sold for $70
    Let me know if you're interested and I can start making a new one for you

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    I can get you sailing, rigging, patching, carp, bilge, dnav, distilling, alchemy, shipwright, weaving, blacksmith and foraging. We can discuss about the price on skype.

    Add me if interested: maxstats.ultimate

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