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    Poe Selling/Buying Indirect Contact Transfers (Suggestion)

    Hi everyone I have been a poe buyer and occasionally selling poe. Recently I have been dealt two bans both in relation to real world trading. The methods of transfer I used were poker and sf wagers via tournaments. After thinking these methods were fairly safe it got me thinking there's got to be another way. I think for the most part the way a buyer starts off with 200-500k (maybe more) and in a matter of an hour or less has a great deal more directly from another player looks dodgy.

    So I come up with two methods where the buyer and seller don't have to make any contact in game what so ever. The only contact will be via skype/msn. These method do take a little time and a little poe to set up.

    Both mehods require the buyer owning a shoppe. The first is fairly simple. Own a Tailor, put a item(s) with a high price on the rack. The seller goes and buys the item(s). Thats it.

    The other is slightly more difficult, but in my tests I used a apoth and the product skintone elixir. As a owner/manager I set every use cost of each commodity to 32767 (this was the highest it would go to), labor use of basic/skilled and expert to the same value, and the product price to 32767 as well. The end result was about 775k. Tax was 1859. For transfers or 1 million or more it'll be easy to edit one product to 775k and one 225k.

    I didn't do the math on how much it would cost for stall step out and buying commodities but Im sure it'll be between 100-150k. Think of it as an invest into you underground mafia business. Ha ha.

    If use these methods I would also suggest your shoppe/stall is atleast a little active, that way these types of records can be 'buried'.

    Bid Ticket Poe Protection.

    Currently I have been using this idea of mine to protect poe from the hands of the filthy OMs from bans involving real world trading. I have 'successfullyl' stopped poe being taken from my chest using bid tickets. For this protection method obviously you need someone you can trust or a safe place where you can re-access your bid tickets in the event of a ban. I play on meridian so simply what I did is go to Viridis, bid on Yarrow (becuase it's the highest value product) the bid value I did was roughly 100 poe under the current bid and was for over 2000 units. In my research I found that it's roughly a lost of 50k per million, less if you bid on more units. The bid ticket can be delivered onto a ship at a later date.

    I would also believe that this method would world selling or buying poe. For example pirate A (The Buyer) trades 1000 poe, Pirate B (The Seller) trades a bid ticket.

    I would love to see what other buyers and sellers think of these transfer methods. I would test them myself but I've currently stopped buying and selling.


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    Just an update I used the a Tailor and set 1 item to 4 million by adjusting the labour prices and was successful able to trade with a seller using this method. No bans as per yet it's been over 2 weeks.

    Also I don't really think this is the right place this thread if a mod could move it for me. Thanks

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    We used the tailor method and I sold him 2m successfully : )

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    Decent ideas, no doubt. The poker/sf methods for any sum over a few hundred k will get you banned either temporarily or suspended while they repo your stuff.

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    Vouch for this idea, sold him 2m using this method... Very easy and fun to work with

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