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    Poker tournament TODAY 5pm pst

    Here it is guys. After popular demand, and now that I have all the rules sorted out I am running a mock poker tournament today. It will be on emerald ocean. If you wish to take part in this ease Skype me at djdrew131. You need to have done this by before 5 because that is when it is starting.

    Here is what you'll need:

    An account (today is free poker day so it does not matter if it has badge)
    You will need Skype (while tournament is going I would like to have everybody in a group call)
    You will need to have sent the payment to my email. (We will discuss payment on Skype)

    Rules for the tournament:

    1. I will give each player the designated amount of poe that is required.
    2. Once everyone is bought in you may NOT rebut with anymore poe
    3. You may not leave the poker table once bought in.
    4. Once the timer hits 0, the player with the most chips takes 1st place. Person with second most takes 2nd
    5. When sending payment it must be sent as gift and have a note saying you took part in a online tournament and I will not chargeback. (If you do not send as gift and with a note you will not participate. I will send the money right back)

    Any questions please ask away. And please add me on Skype and message me saying that you wish to participate.

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    How did it go? Anyone showed up? Did anyone chargeback? :P someone ragequit?

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