If you're like me and have a mac laptop (I also have a windows desktop), you've probably searched all sorts of threads to try and find how to untaint. Now the easiest thing to do is to bootcamp your mac to have a windows partition, but sometimes that's not practical if your mac is largely a media machine.

So, here are the files for Mac you need to address:

-Remove ~/.ypp_42 (In your home directory)
-Go to ~/Library/Preferences/ (Library is a hidden folder in your home directory)
-Remove all the preference files starting with rsrc.config.* (there are 6 of them and only rsrc.config.yohoho.plist is necessary to delete, but just to be thorough)

These are all hidden folders, the keyboard shortcut to show hidden files is command+shift+period.

This also works to create more than the limited amount of accounts on a single computer (which those of us who need labour alts know too well).

Happy crafting,