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    trading steam acc with games for fams

    i am interested in trading my steam account containing some very popular games for equally worth familiars.
    Only serious inquiries please as it is a good amount of value.
    familiars types i am interest in is as follows:
    snakes(only rare ones non-indigo)
    Seahorse( black or white)

    i would like to have a moderator verify and monitor the transactions for extra precaution
    Steam account is owned only by me only.
    Here are the games that the account contains:

    The Binding of issac $ 5
    Counter Strike: global offensive $15
    Dayz $35
    EVE $20
    Fallout NV : Ultimate edition $20
    H1Z1 $20
    Insurgency $15
    The Witcher 2: Assasins of kings enhanced edition $20

    All these for a total value of $150

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    You know you could just spend $70 and just buy one right?

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    i would but i dont use m steam acc anymore and i know ppl like these games

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