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    How To Avoid Account Sell/Buy Scam (Tutorial)

    This only abides if you know or if they have given you the password already!
    Hey Guys Logo in the house!

    People have made me the scam target the last few trades and most recently being scammed out of selling and or buying accounts, recently I have figured out a way how to gain your account back after a scam. But before you even buy/sell the account you have the following open.

    Step 1.

    Open up and go to Help.

    Step 2

    After you have opened up the help click on Account Login!


    Step 3

    Log into the account before you sell it or get the password. Fast like please.


    Final Step

    Change the password to a password you know;if your buying the account. If you don't get paid change the password while you have the paypal or whatever form of payment open and constantly check it. Continue to change the password until he gives up or forgets; also continuously change the email . If you close out of the page all you have to do is, go into history and scroll down to where it says,

    Puzzle Pirates - User Management: Your account Puzzle Pirates

    And it should open up the page you were recently on. And there you go!


    Make sure once done to report the user that scammed you so you are no-one else has to deal with the scamer.

    Remember do this all before sell and do it when you just bought the account. I recommend not exiting out of the page for a while try logging into YPP under password and if changed change it to DIFFRENT PASSWORD on the page opened.
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