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    Untainting and staying unbanned guide.

    This information can be found elsewhere but I wrote it for some people who might be unfamiliar to some aspects of it.
    If you have anything to add to this feel free to either PM me it, tell me on skype or post below I'll add it in.

    Some people keep getting banned for ban evasion because they are derps.

    Step 1:
    Untaint using Supply-Crate - Click it like 5 times.

    Step 2:
    Search for Hash.dat on your computer and delete it.

    Step 3:
    Uninstall Puzzle Pirates

    Step 4:
    Change your MAC address (Tmac works for me)

    Step 5:
    Search for the following keywords on your computer
    YPP, Yohoho, Three Rings etc. Also search for your pirate name.
    If any files popup delete them unless you know they are unrelated to puzzle pirates

    Step 6:
    Open RUN and type regedit

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Javasoft > Prefs(Delete this folder)

    Look around for other Javasoft folders(Found in SOFTWARE folders) and delete prefs folders that
    you come across. Also any Three Rings Design folders you might find.
    Give it a look or two.

    Step 7:
    Unless you have a dynamic IP and/or you know how to change your IP the only other way I know
    of is to purchase a VPN. I use HideMyAss and I can recommend it.

    Step 8:
    Change your computer name

    Step 9:
    When downloading Puzzle Pirates I suggest you download a temporary browser just
    to download YPP
    Delete the history and cookies completely from your current browser and if your browser allows it
    when you visit the site do it in Incognito Mode

    You can also get a new computer and move.

    You could also just reformat your complete computer - Tmac+VPN

    When creating a new account stay low for the first weeks until your name turns yellow.

    Some tips:

    While waiting for your name to turn yellow I suggest chilling with the navy meanwhile to get
    some experience up so You don't look like a complete alt/ban evader.

    Dont join the same crew you were in or instantly go talk to the same people.

    Do not have the same password you had on your old account.

    Do not use the same email that you had on your old account.

    For the love of everything good dont tell anyone ingame who you used to be or /w your old accounts.

    Basically use some common sense.

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    "For the love of everything good dont tell anyone ingame who you used to be or /w your old accounts."

    Ill be honest, this is probably the biggest one, everyone thinks they can tell their old friends, but its not long or hard for everyone then to find out who you are
    The people ive seen get banned the most are idiots about who they tell and making references to their old pirates

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    I'm definitely guilty of /w'ing old pirates. I didn't realize that this was a big no no. DERP :P

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    Think this deserves a bump, another step needs to be added though. This video:

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    What does it indicate if I cant find "Prefs" in regedit?

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    The "Don't use the same password, and the don't use the same email" is KEY this is how they ban most when everything else is changed, different ip/mac address etc. etc. but same password? Consider yourself banned, they have no proof but ban anyways, all they do is a password search.

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    Could you just get a new network adapter too for the MAC adress change too? I got a couple USB network adapters. I could just swap out right? Or is it something else inside your computer? (What if you use ethernet?)

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    My personal oppnion is there is no way to actually untaint unless you buy a new computer+router

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    Quote Originally Posted by scola55 View Post
    My personal oppnion is there is no way to actually untaint unless you buy a new computer+router
    That's absurd lol.
    Just change your hard drive (if puzzle pirates even logs serial numbers of physical hard drives which can't be changed) and then to change your mac address (if puzzle pirates bans or puts you on a black list for spoofing mac address) :
    0. record all mac addresses of adapters on your system
    1. get any new adapter
    2. replace / insert it
    3. disable any adapters whose mac address did not change

    or alternatively if you feel that this process will occur a lot :
    buy an ASRock mainboard, use their MAC-Address flasher and permanently rewrite your MAC-Address:
    God bless ASRock's rocky (huehue) start in the MoBo biz.

    As for the HDD/SSDs, there is some public intel available on how to rewrite the serial numbers on certain Western Digital HDDs, this was used to make them usable for the Xbox 360.
    - from another forum I browse
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