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    Sword Fighting Guide

    Doge asked me to post this for him.
    I did not make this guide.

    The Ultimate Sword Fighting Guide

    - Made by Doge ©Doge

    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction

    2. Tempo
    3. Starters
    4. Midgame
    5. Strategy & Breaker Stacking
    6. Staying alive
    7. Stalling
    8. Swords
    9. Additional Notes


    Hello and welcome to my sword fighting guide. I am Doge and hopefully you will learn something from this. I am an #1 swordfighter and there are few players who can beat me(That I know of or have faced)
    This tutorial is going to include 3 tutorials really. There will be a novice section, an amateour section and an advanced section.

    The novice section will be directed for Able - Respected players.
    The amateour section will be for Master - Grandmaster players.

    The advanced section will be for Grandmaster and higher.

    I recommend reading through all of the sections so you donít miss anything but hey Iím not forcing you anything. Read at own risk.


    Most players that stay at the Able - Respected level are too slow. There is no time to flip your pieces and then press spacebar. I suggest practicing against a bot.

    To take faster playing even further you could even try flipping the pieces as they fall for an even greater effect.

    As an advanced player, apparently you can do the opposite of stalling, you can force 2 pieces down faster by double flipping it. It is supposedly 1/18 seconds faster.
    If my math is correct then that should be around 5% faster. And you basically are one second faster every 18 seconds. Now I can't say that this is hundred percent true as I'm to stupid to implement another thing to think about into sword fighting.

    I honestly don't think it's worth the focus you put on the double flip and the time you take to get used to it. Rather spend that on focusing on the game itself.


    As a novice player your best bet is to send a small hit. In the last chapter we covered speed so try to quickly disrupt your enemy.
    To improve your starters try to do bigger combos, try to do a triple instead of a double. Don't worry, we will cover breaker stacking/mirroring later.

    As a better player, you are obviously familiar with breaker stacking, the only real thing that would matter here is to start doing what I call(not sure if there is an official name for it) Reverse Combo . Down below you have simple example of Reverse Combo.

    Amazing paint skills amirite?

    Right here you have a more advanced Reverse Combo

    This strategy is good because if you get hit, your combo is still there. And if you did a normal hit, your breakers would have gotten buried and you probably would only have the 2 2x2's. Reverse Combo is also very useful if you get a lot of breakers first.

    Here is an advanced Reverse Combo where you got not the breaker that you wanted first. Because it's all about being efficient, you can't waste pieces or breakers. Reverse Combos are also useful midge as your breakers will not get crushed by the enemies swords. However I warn you it takes practice to learn how to get used to creating these. It might be hard for the lower ranked players.

    I know most higher ranked sword fighters use this strategy as well. I don't think there is much more to add than to be the most efficient you can. NEVER waste breakers unless you absolutely have to. There is always a way to connect it to your combo, and if somehow there isn't, then you should have an easier time breaking out of your enemies hit.

    Another good thing is to also while you build your starter is to already stack breakers on the side for another combo, they see they got an overflow of green so they made a 2x2 on the side to build onto.

    A defensive combo is also something you might want to consider.
    Suppose your enemy has a falchion, and the pattern is yellow - green - red
    You can setup a breaker so when your enemy sends a sword or even a sprinkle, he will set off the combo for you. You might think this is useless and stupid and you are just taking suicide. But you are clearing your board even better. Sure you will still be hit but not as much. Imagine you have an entirely clean board, and you get 2 massive 2x12's on you. And now imagine a third of your screen is filled and you get the same combo on you. Also your breakers get out a piece of your screen out and resulting in just sending the combo back. This is a risky strategy but if you can pull it off then do it. I don't mean do this combo and wait for your opponent to inset you. If you have your combo ready then send it as fast as possible. But as a last resort have your breaker so that your enemy will trigger it off for you.
    Okay I have rambled on enough for now.


    I would suggest building to your opponents pattern, so your enemy will feed you when he attacks. Lets take a falchion as an example with the pattern
    yellow - green - red
    You should put all the yellow you get on the left, all the green in the middle and red on the right. Now you might not know your opponents pattern so you either have to learn the colors of your enemies sword or wait for an attack from them.

    As you become better keeping your board clean and sending attacks is hard. Don't be too scared to send smaller sprinkles. But make sure you make up for it with bigger hits. I suggest learning how to do basic revere combos midge so the chance of your opponent killing your attack is smaller.

    Most good players know how to attack and clean their board at the same time. Study the swords patterns and get to know them well and practice.
    Also, whenever you have the chance, do bigger hits. You might think its better to do 2 small sprinkles but in reality the 2 layer sprinkle is worth it. It is a 1/6 of your enemies screen and as long as you send good hits you are golden. I am not saying you should sprinkle with the falch but a 2 layer sprinkle is always better than a 1 layer sprinkle.

    Strategy & Breaker Stacking

    This section/chapter will be mostly about breaker stacking, because that is a very important part of sword fighting. You would never have combos if it wasn't for breaker stacking. Here are the basics you can check below. The key is to combine breaker stacking techniques together.

    The advantages of the reverse combo is that it will be hard to disrupt once you have it build.
    But normal combos are usually much faster to do.


    There are not many strategies out there for sword fighting really.
    Big Strikes
    Rapid Strikes
    Big Sprinkles
    Rapid Sprinkles

    There are also ways you can mix those up. The goal of the game is to make sure your opponents fourth column is full and there won't be pieces that are able to come out.
    You can play defensively or offensively. I personally try to at least make all of my hits doubles and that is the least you can do to improve your game.
    You can study the enemies pattern and become really good at clearing it or you can study the pattern in a way that you can make big combos to it.

    This you can't really teach out. You have to practice and it really comes down to the individual as how you play yourself.

    Staying alive

    In this chapter, I will discuss the many ways you can make sure you survive hits.
    Now obviously it is good to have a clean board but a lot of the times you pay with feeding your opponent with smaller hits. Unless you are good at sending back hits or I guess you could be using a skull dagger.

    Remember, you can recover from any hit(except instas bby)
    You might get lucky, or you have a clean board already. Not being efficient here will cost you your life. You have to get to the area you want in the least amount of breakers possible. Let's say you need to get yellow and then green to break out but you get green first. Very plausible scenario. Now instead of wasting it to clear something on your side I would recommending placing it somewhere so maybe a red will make that a double later. It's really hard to explain but sadly I will admit you should check out Cremate's youtube channel. He plays defensively and is probably the only person I know who does it well. You should definitely check him out as he is one of the best at staying alive. I called him a lucker many times.

    Now this chapter might come handy if you and your opponent both have 2 spaces left to die.
    This is more for PvE rather than PvP so more useful in citadel frays and in pillies.
    Many people think stalling means not use spacebar, technically yes but you can take it one step further.
    Double flips against a wall should give you a few seconds.
    However I warn you this is like slow playing in poker. If your opponent gets what he was chasing for you are finished. There is a possibility of your opponent getting that breaker. So watch out for that.
    This is easier to explain in a video so watch this short video on how to stall.

    I think this is the most interesting chapter of them all. There is a big difference in the rank you will achieve and which sword you use.
    I can get number one with a falchion but wont even get ultimate with a saber. There are only four sword I would suggest to use.
    Skull Dagger

    We will start with the falchion because itís my favorite.
    When you use the falch the thing you really want to do is to send strikes. You will obviously be forced to send sprinkles and when you do, try to either make it as small as possible or as big as possible. Big strikes combined with big sprinkles will be devastating, make sure you use a reversed falchion when you sprinkle otherwise you will just be helping your opponent.
    There is not much to add to the falchion, it is easy to learn the idea but might be hard to master.
    The basic strategy is to destroy your opponent in strikes.

    The saber is not a good sword in my opinion, there arenít many people ingame who know how to use it properly. The trick to it is to make your enemys board very uneven, this is how you mess up their board with sprinkles. I suggest sending many 1x4s and 2x4s, obviously if possible send bigger hits.
    But make sure to combine strikes and sprinkles as this makes your attacks much more effective. If your opponents screen is uneven you spam them with as many hits as possible. Sideswords are really effective so make sure to do those midgame.
    The basic strategy is that there are 2 colors that will make your enemy break out so the other 2 wonít really do much harm to you so you have time to build, but also time to spam their board even more.

    The scimitar is a sword that excells in both strikes and sprinkles.
    The point of the scimitar is to feed off of the falchions sprinkles that the scimitar forces upon the falchion.
    Because of the pattern of the scimitar you will send a lot of sprinkles, but also very large hits. The thing is to feed off of the sprinkles as fast as possible and then hit the enemy, donít give them breathing and breaking out room.

    The skull dagger is a sword you would want to sprinkle with, try to make the sprinkle as big as the strike as it makes the sprinkle even harder to clear.
    As in if you send 2 2x4ís try to also attach a 4 layer high sprinkle to it. That would be a devastating hit and if you keep up attacking your opponent there is no way they would break out easily. I really say that you donít do too large of hits with the skull dagger as it is easy to send back. However if you do large hits Include sprinkles to it.
    Use the skull dagger as you would a saber except you donít have to make the hits as rapidly.

    Try all four of them and see how you do best which one.
    It really depends on the person and the style of play.

    Additional notes
    That about sums it up. It is hard to explain much of the stuff over text. Practice makes perfect. Study the swords patterns, learn how to handle the hits and how to hit the opponent.
    This might be something you will be interested in

    This is an older channel of mine. I didn't really play that well back then but you can surely learn a thing or two. I have around 30 videos if I remember correctly.

    If you have any questions or would like to talk or send me nudes here are my contact informationz

    toomuchdoge (skype) (mail)

    I don't think there is much to add to that. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballie1 View Post
    Doing services also, Ultimate SF , Bilge , RIGGING add me Benya-b
    Doe, take this to services.

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    Thread jacking should be an infraction....

    Also +1 for guide.
    new life, who this

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    What kind of upsidedown swordfighting is this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green132 View Post
    I'm interested in trading nudes I'll pm you on Skype k.

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    i sfed him over 10 matches and won most... , good guide anyways dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by therenowned View Post
    i sfed him over 10 matches and won most... , good guide anyways dude.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by erik View Post
    What kind of upsidedown swordfighting is this?
    The kind that got me #1

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    it's funny because you we're so mad before that cuz i won you using saber?

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