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Thread: SF Guide

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    SF Guide

    This is a Small SF guide for those who already know enough about SF and those who want to learn SF

    First : lets start with sword of selection, i personally like to use a Falchion for big strikes,those who like to sprinkle could use a skull dagger,and some people who want some good mid game sword can use a scimiter.

    Second : after you choose your sword you want to know what kind of attack you you should go with,as for a Falchion u should go with a big strike like 2x3 2x2 and break it a bingo this kind of attack should be fast and very effective,as for Skull daggers you shouldn't stack pieces together because skull daggers are known for sprinkle attacks,as for a Scimi i use 2x2 2x2 and break a bingo or 2x2 and break it a triple and then start building again because of the good pattern of Scimis in mid game,you can also Insta your opponent if they are noobs at SF or they are slow builders or if you had the appropriate pieces to build an insta,the build of an insta is 3x3 2x2 and break it a bingo this is the simplest form of insta ,but you shouldn't always go with building an insta because they take some time to build and 1 sprinkle could ruin it for you :P.

    Third : After you break your opener or your first attack,you shouldnt just stack pieces together and break them, try your best to build another attack with doubles and triples,know your opponent sword pattern and build accordingly and break them double and triples.

    If you can learn these stuff and use them you should be able to get Legendary easily and after a while of practicing achieve Ultimate ,this was only a small guide to SF and i hope you like it

    here are some pics the first one is for the Falch sword but this one is a donkey instead of bingo, the seconde one is a very fast and effective attack can be used on either a scmi or a falch, the third one can be used to insta with any sword and the fourth pic to show the insta,and the fifth for a skull dagger sword opener i dont really play Skull Dagger but it should be something like that.

    edit: added a picture of my SF stats to show how easy you can get Ult with this guide,if you want to make sure thats me PM me and i will show, and another picture to show how u can build according to your opponent pattern and make a strong attack in that one i could have broke a donkey but i went with bingo instead :P.

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    Nice guide mate. By the way, want to add couple of things. If you're having USELESS pair of blocks. Put all those blocks ON THE LEFT of the SF board. Many sword land there so you're defending. NEVER EVER put those blocks on your right SF board. Only 3x3 land on the right board, you'll die so it is risky. Bed-ass english. Hope you can understand.
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    thanks ohh dw i know what u mean but kinda forgot to mention it and u can avoid getting insted that way too cz the 3 x 3 sword comes on the right side
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