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Thread: Battle Navigation Guide

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    Battle Navigation Guide

    Battle Navigation

    Battle Navigation is the art of battling with another ship in hopes of winning poe,goods,etc. Battle Navigation comes in two types : battle with bots and battle with other players (known as PvP). I will be focusing on battle with bots in my guide more than PvP.

    Getting to know your ship :
    If you have come far enough in the game to Battle Navigate you then should already know the 6 main duty puzzles

    - Bilging removes water from the ship.
    - Carpentary repairs the ship damage.
    - Sailing and Rigging gives moves while in battle and allow the ship to move faster out of battle.
    - Gunning loads the cannons for use in battle.
    - Navigation multiplies the effort of the sailors.

    In addition you may know about the various meters :

    - The bilge meter shows the amount of water in the ship.

    - The damage meter shows the damage the ship has taken.

    - The speed meter shows how fast the ship is going.

    Each of the meters is affected by how well your crew mates perform in the duty puzzles.

    Ship Stock :

    before setting sail, your ship must be properly stocked with Swill,Grog, or Rum and Cannonballs of course Rum is the best because as we all know "Fine Rum lasts longer"

    Cannons balls can be used to fill the guns and shoot your enemy in battles.

    While at the Open Sea : when you chart a course and set sail, you will notice that your path consists of a series of league points.At each league point, a duty report shows up for all working pirates
    The following will also occur :
    Your ship will stop until an order to sail is issued
    The ship will slowly fill up with bilge
    The ship;s speed will slowly drop
    No ship will be able to begin pursuing your ship, though ships already in pursuit will remain in pursuit

    Upon issuing the order to sail, the ship will automatically move toward the next league point in the charted path. The Ship's course can only be changed at a league point or in port

    When sailing you may see other ships the following will show up on the vessel tab when a ship is clicked :
    1- Crew that owns the ship
    2- Crew rank
    3-Type of Ship
    4-Name of the ship
    5- Flag name

    Before you attack any ship there are couple of things you should check like :

    1- What is the ships might? a ring surrounds a ship indicating its might. Blue ships are too easy,Red ships are too hard,Green ships are what you are looking for.

    2 -What is the Crew Rank? Sailors,Mostly Harmless,Scurvy Dogs,Scoundrels,Blaggards,Dread Pirates,Sea Lords, and Imperials. In battles crew rank determines the difficulty of the sea battle and if you are looking to raise your stats in bnav you should attack Imperials mostly.

    3 - Is this a Bot ship or a player's ship? if it doesnt say Brigands or Barbarians then its a bot ship.

    4- If its a player's ship is it at war with you flag because if so then you are entering a sinking battle.

    keep all these in mind before attacking a ship

    Now into the Battle Navigation Phase : when two ships enter battle , they will appear on a grid of sea tiles and this signifies the beginning of Battle Navigation, In this phase you attempt to fire cannonballs at your opponent causing damage and weakening their ability to swordfight or rumble. After a number of turns one ship will grapple the other and the battle will move to the next phase.

    The Swordfighting and Rumble Phase : this is a standard phase depending on how much damage your ship has taken and how much you damage their ship,a number of unbreakable pieces will appear on the screen showing how much damage you have taken and this will make the fighting harder.

    Controlling your ship: Battle Navigation is split into turns consisting of movement phases, At the beginning of each turn, the Bnaver (short for battle navigator) of each ship will enter their moves using the interface showing on your screen, to put in a move one can drag tokens and place them or click on the Move Set to shuffle through the available tokens.

    During Battle : Predict the Bots moves:

    High level bots are probably the easiest to predict. The same thing that makes them the easiest to predict, however, may also make them the most dangerous because they will capitalize on a player’s mistakes much more often than other bots. The botss will always try to shoot you a few times before grappling. Once they have shot you, or if you sufficiently anger them with an LSM, they will go for the grapple.

    If the bots are within range, and token permitting, they will always take the shortest route to end up either in front of you or behind you in order to hit shots. They may pass by your side occasionally if it is part of the shortest route, and take a shot there, but rarely will they stop beside you to shoot four times. This is where Last Second Moves come in. It is very rarely a good idea to end a turn standing still unless you are trying to setup a move and are 100% certain that the bots can’t shoot you that turn.

    If they are outside of range, they will move as close as possible, based on the tokens they have. This often involves a lot of lefts and rights, as well as use of whirlpools and wind.

    Moving In Battle : while in battle you should know that when you move the bots will try and follow you if you don't move far away they will do the same which is why faking moves comes in handy.Ideally, you want to move 4 spaces away and have them “turn into one of your shots”, with no risk of being shot, then recommence. These are what I like to call safe moves. If, at any point in your move (provided it is not an LSM), you end up with the side of your ship facing the side of the bots’s and shoot them, there is a fairly good chance they will shoot back, but not always. I believe this is based upon some type of probability calculation which varies depending which type of bots you are facing. I also believe that the bots are less likely to shoot you if you do not shoot them in the same situation, again provided that you have not angered them with any last second moves. A lot more testing is needed to confirm this theory, though, and I could be full of shit.

    The bots will use whirlpools and winds to shorten their route to you as usual.

    LSM or Last Second Move : LSM is where you put the tokens before the timer ends. i personally don't like to use LSM unless am going to grapple after i shoot because then the bots enter what is called revenge mode, and they will know your exact movement the next turn, so if you are going to LSM make sure you stay away from the bots to avoid getting shot in the next turn

    Making Use of the Board : You should always make use of whirlpools and winds to keep more tokens, a bnaver can also make use of rocks sometimes.

    Well that should summarize what i do in battle, next thing you should do is after you learned some bnav with the navy, make your own pilly and test these stuff i told you,dont forget to max your opponent before grappling to make the SF and Rumble easier and win some booty.

    hope you like my guide spent 2 hours writing it :P.
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    Is the LSM still necessary? I remember hearing something about three rings changing it so that using LSM wouldnt affect it anymore, may be wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan P View Post
    Is the LSM still necessary? I remember hearing something about three rings changing it so that using LSM wouldnt affect it anymore, may be wrong
    In a Brigand/Barbarian pilly, all LSM does is piss them off so that they ZSM. In PvP (Cades, SMH etc) it gives you an advantage, because you might put one move down and they think "oh, he's going forward, let's counter that" but then you LSM so that you counter their counter.

    You can't stop LSM.

    R.ita I.s P.erfect

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    Thanks this helped quite a bit

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    Thanks for the guide! Very useful indeed!

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