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Thread: Puzzle Pirates Puzzle Experience: List of Times/Battles

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    It is true, i've done some tests which proved my statement.
    Done >80 matches on rumble with novice/neophyte alts while being narrow, couldn't reach Broad.
    After 1 match with person above apprentice (when broad it had to be person with narrow) it automatically upgraded.

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    you probably read this:

    "*The Limit for PvP fights:
    - The time limit for rated matches against the same player is set to 1 hour including the actual fight time.
    However, to avoid players from not gaining stats at all, some features have been added to the game.

    Player A is fighting B in a rated SF match. Player A lost and wants a rematch. For the rematch to be rated, player A and B have to do one of the following:

    - Wait 1 hour
    - Fight against each other or against someone else once more. That will lower the limit from 1 hour to 30 minutes"

    there might be other stuff just make sure your doing all rated SFs

    I will test this out for myself in a llitttle while

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