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Thread: How to use Balls of Steel (basics)

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    How to use Balls of Steel (basics)

    I'll start off by saying this is quite possibly my favorite bot in Puzzle Pirates, but at times can be the most annoying. I will try to instruct you on how to use Balls of Steel for maximum efficiency.

    What do I use Balls of Steel for?

    1. SMHs
    2. Pillies
    3. Viking Runs
    4. Ranking up with the navy
    5. Blockades

    Are there different methods to using Balls of Steel?

    Of course, I have different methods for different scenarios.

    How do I use Balls of Steel on an SMH? a blockade? a pillage?

    This depends on the navigator and how many gunners there are. If your navigator is aggressive (in layman's terms he shoots a lot) or there are only a few gunners I'd suggest constantly de-stationing and re-stationing for maximum speed for reloading. I normally set the bot on manual so I have a lot of control over what I'm doing. If there are a ton of gunners or you have a pacifist navigator then I'd suggest remaining on station and stop and restarting the bot every time a cannon is used (look for a board w/o much effort required in keeping the pieces in rotation). If you want to be top on the Duty Report to get a bonus or better pay I'd suggest using a constant de-stationing and re-stationing method.

    How do I use Balls of Steel on a Viking Run? Navy mission?

    For this I just stay on the station. When you load all the guns and they're fired you stop the bot, then restart the bot when the gunk in the cannon appears. If you do this too quickly the bot can get confused and won't restart or might restart incorrectly.

    What do you do when the barrel reaches one side of the ship blocking the path?

    Easy, quit and re-station.

    What do you do when pieces get stuck?

    If it takes more than 2 moves to get your pieces unstuck then just re-station and find a better board.

    What if the bot loads the wrong thing into the cannon?

    Sometimes the bot messes up and loads the wrong thing into the cannon. If this happens just stop and re-start the bot, the bot will realize it's mistake, clear the incorrectly loaded cannon and load it correctly.

    Why don't you mention rapid ranking? Hyper-ranking? Boosting my gunning stat quickly?

    I don't mention it because it's unnecessary, I had no problem getting ultimate gunning using it these ways.

    I'm tired, so if there are grammatical mistakes just pm me what they are. . .
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    Nice Guide, I like it! Thanks for the contribution <3

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