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    Sailing - The way to build

    Sailing - The way to build

    This is a little guide about the most common sailing techniques.
    In this guide I'll show you some screenshots and explain them.
    I also subdivided the combos by difficulty.

    The basic Combos

    One break triggers another - 'nuff said.
    Tip: Don't break small combos; extend your combo.



    Same here.
    Left picture: Could have improved this combo by putting another white ontop of it so the yellow wouldn't break at the same time.
    Right Picture: Just a set up with horizontal 4-rows.
    Information: You could fill the spaces of this platform with pieces which would fall down and trigger the lower platform/set up.

    (Half)-Platform drop

    Make sure the dropping pieces are right.
    It's also possible to drop the whole platform.
    Often used to clear platforms on the bottom of the board.
    Tip: You may try that a horizontal clear triggers another one and finally triggers the platform-drop.


    Extension: The extension is (here) the break which moves to the left. It's often used to reach adjacent platforms (right to left screen or reversed) or to increase your combo size. You are also able to reach higher platforms with this technique.
    Tip: Make sure that all dropping pieces will break. Don't miss any pieces.



    Make sure the pre-break won't destroy any important pieces.
    Make sure the platform pieces are right as well.
    Tip: You may extend the combos. Here: Put a Blue/White-Yellow-Blue piece ontop of the double blue and build a set up on the left which needs a White/Yellow/Blue to trigger.

    Horizontal Trigger

    Make sure you didn't miss any pieces.
    This trigger is an alternative one and needs much space.
    The Blue/Blue clear was just an added combo-increaser.
    Tip: Don't use this technique for normal combos. I recommend building it when you are at the top of your board since it's risky.

    Early Sidebreak and late Sidebreak

    The early sidebreak triggers before the platform breaks and is barely used. The normal sidebreak is often used and easier to build than the small one - it even gives a higher score.
    Information: Build a "late Sidebreak" including the dropping piece instead of just putting the dropping piece on top of the platform.


    Extension 'n' reversed

    Reversed Extension: This is an addition to the basic Extension. The reversed extension breaks the pieces which would have been left after breaking the basic Extension.
    Tip: Mostly use this when the basic extension reaches the edge of the board.

    The Hook

    The hook is basicallly a way to reach high/upper platforms. The difference between Hooks and Extensions is the space between the platforms.
    Hooks don't need much space, Extensions do.
    The hook on the screenshot has additional pieces which trigger some breaks after the hooked platform clears.
    Tip: Only use hooks if you are an experiences sailor. They cost many pieces (if you aren't able to build after-breaks like I did) and won't increase your score.

    Basic Informations:

    -Always start filling platforms at the bottom and build set ups depending on them
    -Always check if you built 4 row clears (it sucks to see your huge extension not triggering...)
    -Always try to set up complete clears
    -Rebuild a high combo with Extensions e.t.c after failing a combo > don't single-clear the left platform ["high" combo = Veg˛ or higher]
    -Try to combine techniques
    -Sailing isn't much about efficiency > size matters

    Setting up a combo step by step with extensions (like after booching):

    Left Picture: A easy and very efficient vegas with much space left.
    Middle Picture: Added a new trigger and extended the combo.
    Right Picture: Trigger is Blue/Yellow or Blue/Blue

    Information: This combo wasn't about efficience. I just wanted to show how to set up a combo step by step. The final Combo was a Vegas 6.

    Setting up a normal combo without much effort :

    Left: Set up on the bottom
    Middle: Added some combo increaser
    Right: Final Combo.Included all platforms and added a little reversed extension on the upper left corner.Trigger is Blue/White.

    Information: Many Combo increaser due to the bad board here. Final Combo was a Vegas 4.

    These combos were built on a fresh alt and only include a small amount of platforms - the extensions aren't needed and should just show how to build/use your board.

    >>>Note: Your understanding of the puzzle/building combos will raise with the time spent on it. Reconstruct these techniques (I would recommend Easy/Mid first) and slowly increase the combo size. Don't get hasty - play safe! You are learning - you don't have to be fast.

    I may update some stuff ( adding other techniques/Informations)


    Feel free to ask if you got any questions.
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    Very sexy guide.... okay gonna get ult now

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    Mehfailz is the best sailor I know, I didn't read this guide because I hate the puzzle but I can assure you this is a kick ass guide.

    He also likes stabbing people.

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    That's the one puzzle I can't crack. Sailing is a b-word. >.<

    Thanks for the guide!

    PM For my discord.

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    This is like the ultimate guide eva =) Good job mate

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    Added 1 or 2 pictures and edited some sentences.

    I'll add some other stuff in the future I guess.
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    Nice guide but sailing/rigging is too annoying for me
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    Pretty nice guide. I usually try and go for all the easy level combos. I usually get good/excellent and can stay at master with them if I keep it consistant.
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    Pretty nice guide. I usually try and go for all the easy level combos. I usually get good/excellent and can stay at master with them if I keep it consistant.
    I have to say that the easy combos are the most used ones - especially the 'Extension'.
    It's all about your combo size.
    You'll be able to build Vegases by Extensions and without much effort.

    I may watch you sailing trough TeamViewer and mention your mistakes.
    Sailing isn't hard at all - especially if you know the basics and got a nice imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehfailz x3 View Post
    Sailing isn't hard at all - especially if you know the basics and got a nice imagination.
    I agree. It is really about how much time you put into it. Being able to imagine your combo in your head helps a lot. Practice increases that skill.

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