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    Ultimate Crew Building Guide


    Hello. This guide is going to show you how to succesfully make a good crew. All throughout this guide you will find tips and instructions on how to create a successful crew in any ocean.
    This guide is noob-friendly and will teach you to not be a noob and succeed as a captain.

    I will refer to pillage as pilly so don't make fun of me.
    I created this guide based mostly on experience. It has tons a tips you can use even if your not building a crew.

    | 1: Secrets of a crew |
    | 2: Requirements |
    | 3: Before you start your crew |
    | 4: Setting up crew framework |
    | 5: Building your crew from #3 |
    | 6: Building/handling your crew after it gets big |
    | 7: Tips (read) |

    When your a captain you should know what makes your crew rank up. Ranking up is based on puzzling. If your crew puzzles often and well, your rank will go up. If your crew isn't puzzling often, it will go down. It's affected by how much puzzling and the quality of said puzzling. ALL members count towards this, even when puzzling for another crew or the navy.

    You do get ranked for PvP, but it's different. When you win PvPs this rank gets higher. When you lose, this can go down. This isn't too important but it does make your crew look more elite.

    To build a good crew you need to have good qualities. A good personality, good sense of humor, leadership skills, the ability to earn respect from others, the knowledge of how to analyze players. ect. These will help you the most when building your crew up.

    These qualities ensure that your able to build up a crew aswell as maintaining a big crew.

    Of course poe always helps. Use it to buy crew things like ships and houses.

    You need to build up experience before building a crew. I suggest, first of all, building up stats. More people will join your crew if they see you as a good experienced player.

    You also need to build up crew preferences (I will give you my preferences throughout the guide but having your own is good, too). I suggest you join a few different small crews and observe them as they grow. This way you'll see how players react to different crew preferences aswell as building general experience.

    You need FRIENDS. Prefferable ones that you can always rely on. Ones that are active and good at the game. Ones that will benefit your crew to the fullest. These people will be your Senior Officers (SOs).

    Items you need: You need a selection of ships among you and your SOs. This way you can maintain your public and private ships accordingly. You won't need more than sloops for a while. They can get you far. A good amount of poe is reccomended, too, but not neccessary.

    Other things that help: Having a good size house is pretty good. Having an office where you deal with all crew problems is a great idea. This not only organizes things but makes your crew seem more serious and overall better.


    Now it's time for you and your SOs to actually create this crew. You guys need to decide your crew name, loot share, public/private statements, rank requirements, ect.

    Your crew name is comepletely up to you guys. DON'T MAKE THIS OFFENSIVE. You want it to attract a wide range of players.

    Your loot share for the start of your should be jobbers delight 75%. This way you'll be able to set up quick pillys without attracting people that simply want a quick buck.

    Your public statement should simply describe your crew. Fun loving, poe earners, people hanging out, ect should be used in this statement. I recommend putting "ranks in private statement" because I don't like people join to become instant SO.

    Private statement should look something like this.

    Thank you for joining {insert crew name here}. Hope you have a lot of fun and remember to puzzle and pilly often. If you have any questions send me or {insert first mate} a whisper and we'll be happy to answer it.


    Cabin boy: No such thing in this crew (recommended highly. Gives players more confidence)

    Pirate: Upon joining

    Officer (O): knowing how to run a succesful sloop pilly.

    Fleet Officer (FO): { Put something like BROAD/ RESPECTED in bnav or SOLID/DISTINGUISHED in bnav}. A good amount of trust

    Senior Officer (SO): Trust and trust only. DONT ASK FOR THIS.

    Captain: hahahahaaha. never

    If anyone is caught stealing they will be kicked and reported.

    The reason i don't have strict stat requirements is because I don't need them. When you put the crew ranks like that, you will attract generally good people personality wise. And thats an excellent thing to have when you need more FOs.

    After you got this done set up a couple public sloops on popular islands. have them minimally stocked and make sure you have rules about these.


    Now it's time to get to work. For a good amount of time all you do is run pillys. That is how to get a crew started. Pilly as often as possible.

    In the beggining use sloops. Make sure at the end of every pilly you ask if any wants to join full. If you want the most amount of pirates possible. run A LOT of very small pillys with 5 minute breaks in between. Make sure your the only full time member on board so you get the most amount of jobbers.Make sure your SOs are doing the same thing. After a while youll get quite a few members.

    HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY PILLY: You need good skills aswell as a good personality if you want members. Remember to keep everyone on stations and plank as neccessary. Remember to tell your crew to team before fights. Have a friendly chat with a jobber thats working while Out Of Battle (OOB).

    You should probably join a smaller flag now. This way you can get friends, jobbers, and possible members. This will help your crew pretty well.

    TIP: Try and have as many people in your crew working and pillying because thet helps a lot.

    Now once you've done all of that you can do bigger pillys. War Brig pillys are amazing at this point. You get your rank up a good amount while earning members and POE. If your a newer player youll need an XO if your bnaving and a bnaver if your XOing. Use one of your SOs to help you run this.
    If your and XO, keep jobbers on their stations. Make sure you state your rules when you start the pilly. Make jobbers go to certain stations if needed. Order and plank if neccessary. Talk to your bnaver when OOB to show you guys are friendly. Constantly ask if any1 wants to join full.

    Once you get 20 members or so, spot out the ones that will succeed in the crew. Make promotions when needed and remember to check everything out. Boats, people, ect. You should have a good amount of Os soon. the ones who are the friendliest and you know the most, promote to FO when you think they're ready and you trust them.

    When you get enough FOs and Os, good things will just happen. Just repeat this step a lot for a lot of members.

    Now your crew should be active and remarkable. It's time to leave that small flag and join a big one or possibly create your own. If you create your own youll need to do some advertising and always be looking out for new crews to join.

    Since your crew is so big you want to make it popular with the ocean. A good way to do this is to schedule regular Sea Monster Hunts (SMH). For these your need a War Frigate (WF), a lot of poe for a stock, and skilled trsuted people to be XO/MAA/Bnaver. Do what your best at.

    To run a successful SMH you need an amazing Bnaver with tons of experience in this, an XO with an incredible personality, and an MAA who is well organized and can think. By now you should know how they all work and which one of them you would be. I'll give tips for XO since thats what im good at.
    To be a SMH XO you need to be stern but fun. You need ways of making people work, making people stay, and keeping everything in control. For that you need to award people for increds in needed areas of work (most often carp). also when your jobbing, keep people happy by creating games for jobbers to play for poe while they wait. Constantly go over your rules and state the Bnaver and MAA. Order, warn, and plank people when neccessary.

    Now you can let your crew do most of the work. Don't forget to post news and set up SMH or flotilla attacks, ect. If your at this point then you can probably handle anything that comes up.

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    7. TIPS:

    1. PILLY PILLY PILLY PILLY PILLY PILLY!!!! #1 way to rank up.

    2. spot scammers and stealers as much as possible. Watch them closely and check ships often.

    3. Thank your pirates constantly. It encourages them so much.

    4. Keep everything organized.

    5. Handle problems fairly.

    6. Don't give up. ever.

    7. Encourage all Os+ to pilly as much as possible

    8. Schedule events for fun.

    9. Have a crew fun for those events.

    10. PILLY PILLY PILLY some more

    11. Have Fun!

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    Nice post. I have read it before on BP but it is a useful piece of information. Greenies, soak this information up!

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    Thanks for this amazing guide I'll consider it if I ever leave my current crew.
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    Thanks guys. I'm glad to see the feedback.
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    or just join a crew and dont go thru all this trouble :P jk jk

    really nice guide bro i tried to make my own crew once but that didnt go well, maybe i will try again with these tips

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