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    New Account -> Ban Evasion! (2015 What we know?)

    So the only ban evasion topic is old and rotten with contradicting assumptions.

    I have been banned for ban evasion 2 years afterr making the account and for the past year I have been playing on a newly built PC. So they took a long time to actually catch and ban me, which I'm unsure how they did considering playing for a year on a clean pc made me think i was in the clear.

    Anyway, its time to make a new account.

    I use WIFI and do not want a response like delete your hash.dat, down that technitum mac changer shit, change your ip, do a regedit and make a new account. THAT DOES NOT WORK FOR LONG!

    So my question is other than formatting my drives (hoping puzzle pirates doesnt store hardware serial numbers of banned accounts either) what should I do?

    Has anyone got VPN experience as in have you ever been banned on a VPN? I'm really keen to try one out but saw there is a bit of contriversy as to "what if they give me the ip of a banned account" to me that doesnt make sense, if they see a hundred ypp accounts coming from the same ip they are not going to go and ban them all because 1 person was banned on that IP. I mean seriously.

    I have made a virtual machine to run pp from, changed my mac address and used a VPN so there is no way in which pp can track my computer, the only way I can get ban evaded at this point is through VPN. If that happens I will post back here but i seriously doubt they will.
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    Actually, they are o.o YPP doesn't give a shit, once u cheat your gone, they let u back on a rare ocassion, only way people say u could get away is by changing ip through your provider, not purchasing anything with your name, including your creditcard and paypal account with ur bank account, clean install of ur comp etc etc. all the stuffs.

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    Like said above, clean install of windows, get a dynamic IP address from your provider instead of static. Don't give any information anyway, and watch what you say. I would say the biggest rate of ban is people not hiding very well.

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    change your IP and run a virtual machine.

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