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Thread: flaming balls

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    flaming balls

    this can be removed
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    Quote Originally Posted by revox View Post

    i just bought the flaming bot and now my question is how i can use it on supply-crate
    Not sure what you mean but i bought it recently too i'll give you some tips:

    First make sure you didnt change the keys to move the arrows (if you did just reset it in the settings)

    Open the bot on supply crate, go in the navy, press start on the bot interface its gonna station automatically

    IMPORTANT /!\ you MUST babysit this bot coz you'll notice pieces tend to get stuck in a loop, in that case make sure you ctrl R or you're gonna get a bad score and lose your rank

    Thats pretty much all you need to know, scarecrow made a guide video on it i think.. look it up on youtube

    - - - Updated - - -

    i do wonder one thing though if anyone knows.. Can it get ult ? i'm leg right now and i wonder

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    I hope for a fix for when two pieces knock out and it moves to the next one, also if it could load in chain like for example when there's a rag and a cannon it's gonna load the rag and drop the cannonball :/

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