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    Trident Bot Price

    First of all I just bought you Aethyr and have used it. AMAZING WORK! I highly recommend for rigging.

    I was thinking of buying another bot, and saw in the supply crate that trident was only $2. So thought it was on sale and wanted to scoop that up. but I see on your main page that for pay pal it's $10.50 and with CC purchase its $15.

    Which is it?

    Secondly, in the Supply crate it offers the Sword Fight Teamer, How do I get that?

    Thank you.

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    i think the 2$ price on supply crate is a mistake i bought poseidon and aeolus for the price on here:

    and the swordfight teamer, auto job and carp bots come when you're vip only (not too sure)

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