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    Are automatic bots really undetected ?

    hellooo, I was wondering what risk am I taking for using an automatic bot ?

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    Also wondering if there will be some kind of Black Friday sale ? if so when ? thanksss

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    Using bot always entails risks.

    I'd personally recommend to use your bots in Manual ( undetectable / you automatically babysit your bot and get a better understanding of the puzzle).

    When you switch to Automatic you'll get a warning that you use it at your own risk , but due to the fact that the scoring gap between these two modes is almost nonexistant, it's simply not worth taking the risk.

    As for the Black Friday sale I'm not sure if Face has prepared something, but it might be possible :P
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    Well it doesn't really matter if you use automatic/manual, botting bans are rare unless you go afk or use it 24/7. Even then it's unlikely. It's pretty safe tbh

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    As long as you babysit the bot, and regularly talk while playing you should be fine.

    A friend of mine got banned, but he appealed it, arguing that he was chatting to hearties etc, and they unbanned his account

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